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This is what happens to every teenager...!

The age of Puberty:

Usually puberty occurs between the ages 10 and 14 in girls while in boys in takes place between 12 to 16 year age. During this time period our body started growing, changing and response to increased hormones. In girls, the main hormone guiding the body's new instructions is called estrogen. In guys, it's testosterone.The sexual maturity occurs and reproductive organs become functional. All of these changes together are called puberty. Puberty is the gateway to between being a kid to adult. As we cross it our body and feelings change alot.

The hormones which affect puberty:

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH).
This hormone is released by the hypothalamus and controls the release
of luteinising hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) from
the anterior pituitary gland. The release of this hypothalamic hormone is
the most important control mechanism regulating pubertal development
and fertility. Both LH and FSH act on the ovaries in girls or testes in
boys, to initiate the release of oestrogen and testosterone. Oestrogen
and testosterone are often referred to as sex hormones and they are
responsible for the development of pubertal characteristics as well as changes in behavior.

Puberty in girls:

In girls the things change during puberty are as follows.


                In most girls, the first sign of puberty is when breasts start to develop. You might be 8, or you might be 13 when this happens. Either way, this age range is perfectly normal.  All breasts,
whatever the size or the shape, are capable of producing enough milk to feed a baby when the
time comes. That’s the beauty of their design.

Getting hips:

                          During puberty, you will gain some weight as your pelvic region begins to alter so that your body will be capable of bearing children later in life. During this process, your hips may widen and your thighs may become more rounded.

Body hairs:

                      As you go through puberty, you will start to notice hairs under your arms and in your pubic area. This will be fine and straight at first, and will become thicker and curlier as you get older. You may also find that you have more hair on your legs. 

Your genitals (sex organs):

                                                     The vulva is the outside part of a woman’s genitals. The vulva includes pubic hair, the inner and outer vaginal lips (labia), the clitoris and the openings of the vagina and urethra. The urethra is the tube which carries urine away from the bladder. The outer labia are the large fleshy lips which cover the vulva. The inner labia are the folds of skin that protect the entrance to the vagina and urethra.
Female reproductive system

Puberty in boys:

In boys the thing change during puberty are as follows:


            During puberty your Adam’s apple (voice box) gets bigger and your voice begins to ‘break’. Your vocal cords grow quickly. As it is breaking, your voice will sometimes go squeaky when you are talking, but once it has finished breaking, you will have the deeper voice of a man.

Body hair:

\                    Hair will start to grow under your arms and around the pubic area. This hair will be fine
and straight at first, and will become thicker and curlier as you get older. You may also find
more hair growing on your legs and arms. Hair will also appear on your chin and upper lip.

 Your genitals (sex organs):

                                                        It is important to remember that genital changes are gradual.
The tallest 12 year old will not always turn out to be the tallest 21 year old, and the same is true with penises.  You may find that after you have finished developing, your penis is not as big as those of some other boys. There is no cause for worry: a small
penis fulfills its purpose just as effectively as
a larger one.

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